Empire Avenue is not a song by Eddie Grant

Empire Avenue logoEmpire Avenue is the latest social media game/tool/waste of time/flavor of the month that’s actually pretty fun to play. With all the turmoil in the real stock markets, this game lets you buy and sell shares for fun in your favorite companies, Twitter friends, blogs, etc.

Simply sign up for an account and create your ticker symbol. You get some virtual seed money (called Eaves) to get started and a few suggestions and then your off!

The real object of the game is a tool that can be used as a barometer to show how effective your social media presence is, and it’s also a great tool for connecting with like-minded social media fiends. The more social media interactions your brand gets and the more active you are, the higher your share price. As more people talk about your brand and interact with you on Twitter, Facebook etc, your share price increases.

Like Foursquare, there are loads of badges to earn as you unlock achievements, and connecting your blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts to your EA account can really help your value rise quickly.

You can find our collection of companies on Empire Avenue as well as local faves 360 Media – www.empireavenue.com/360MEDIA

Watch the video below for more info


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