Iggy Walker’s Diaper Fund

Chris_coxIggy Walker Diaper Fund, Smith’s Olde Bar

Last night, many of Atlanta’s most talented musicians gathered to play in honor of supporting one of their own: Chris Cox’s- lead singer of The Great Vavoom– newborn son Iggy. The Iggy Walker Diaper Fund- as the event was hailed- was thrown in support of Cox, his wife Dana, and their newborn son, to help offset some of the staggering medical bills the family endured during Iggy’s first couple weeks in this world.

“When Iggy was born, we only saw him for twenty minutes before [the doctors] whisked him off to ICU,” describes Cox of his son’s joyous but stressful birth. “His lungs were not fully developed, and he stayed in ICU for two and half weeks. He had IVs, blinders over his eyes, tubes going into him, and heat lamps focused on him; it was very heartbreaking.”

Anyone who has ever had an ill family member knows not only the anxiety contributed to such a situation, but also the extreme costs involved with an intense hospitalization. “Let’s just stay it cost a massive amount of money, and musicians are not the richest people in the world,” says Cox.

Luckily, musicians do have some of the most loyal friends. Cox says he called upon “a bunch of people,” and some called him as well to offer their support; after all not only is Iggy Cox’s son, but he is also Butch Walker’s nephew, one of Atlanta music’s favorite native sons. Dana Walker, Cox’s wife and celebrity hair stylist, is Butch’s sister.

“You don’t know how much people care until something like this happens,” says Cox. “I’m so thankful to Smith’s [Olde Bar] for giving us the room. Every little bit helps and I’m very appreciative to everyone.”

Although Cox describes Iggy’s first two and half stressful weeks in ICU as “sheer hell,” he is very thankful for Iggy’s good health now. “Iggy is awesome,” says the proud dad. “He’s sleeping, eating, pooping, crying and being very cute in between.”

Check out the pictures of James Hall, Y.O.U., The Greater Vavoom, The Lord is My Shotgun, Rockets to Ruin, Spy for Hire, Love Rush, and Sun Sets East performing at the Iggy Walker Diaper Fund here!


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