Interview: Bronze Radio Return- Playing @ Vinyl July 24th!

bronze radio returnBronze Radio Return recently released “Up, On & Over”, the band’s most ambitious release to date. The album is a collection of songs defined by the band’s ability to step out of their comfort zone and push forward. Known for music drenched in harmony, warmth, and soul, that made people come together through sing-alongs, foot stomps and hand claps, this third album was highly anticipated.

The band is now on tour sharing their new tunes with fans all over the nation. We got the chance to catch up with them before their show in Atlanta at Vinyl on July 24. Check out what they had to say about the recording process of “Up, On & Over”, their must-haves on tour and their sold out album release show!

You recently released “Up, On & Over”, your third full-length album. What was the recording process like for this record?

We went to this removed farm area in Virginia and it was great. For every album we like to go to a new space, in a new environment and be removed from friends, family and all the distractions of where we live. This place was in a really remote location, down five miles of dirt road and there wasn’t much else to do besides focus on the music. We got as much done as we could for the five weeks we were there.

What makes this album special to you?

It’s the combination of almost five years of hard work. This is just a benchmark of where our sound is at now and where it’s come from over three albums and one EP. It serves as the sound that we were happy to come across at the time being.

We’ve heard your songs on several television shows, commercials and campaigns. What’s that like for you guys?

It’s cool! It’s totally fun to see the music that we write and record being using in these different settings. We’re just really excited to have the music out there and have a new audience of people listen to it.

What’s your favorite thing about being on tour?

Adventure. Tour always has some kind of element of adventure and of the unknown and just new experiences. It feels great to have this new record out and be able to have a new batch of tunes to share with the people that come to our shows. Touring in the summer is fun, it’s hot, but it’s a good experience and a great time to be a band on the road.

What are 3 things that you have to have with you on the road?

Definitely an iPhone or something like that to stare at for hours on end. We are always getting copious amounts of water. We have so much water in our van all the time. So definitely a couple cases of water. All of us have a really nice set of headphones. We don’t listen to music communally because our speakers aren’t that great but we listen to music all day on our headphones.

What are 3 songs that you currently have on repeat?

I’m digging this band called Shovels and Rope. They have a song called “Birmingham”, which I think is a magnificent song. I really like the new Vampire Weekend album. I was just listening to that tune by Atlas Genius called “Trojans”.

How do you connect with your audience at a show?

That’s the million dollar question! I think the goal is to have a connection with the crowd. We enjoy the connection. Anything from as simple as getting people to clap on a beat, stomp their feet, singing along, you know interacting with the crowd, it’s everybody’s room, let’s have a good time!

What has been your most memorable gig?

We just had a very memorable show. Our CD release show was in New York City at a place called Bowery Ballroom. We finally got asked to play there and on our first time, we sold it out. It was really an energetic and rowdy crowd and that will always be a memory I’ll take with me.

Make sure to catch Bronze Radio Return with SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE! and Radio Birds at Vinyl on Wednesday, July 24!

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