Interview: Christopher Williams; Playing with Con Funk Shun & SOS Band @ Riverdale Amphitheater June 15th!

riverdale ampThe City of Riverdale and The Department of Cultural Affairs & Leisure Services celebrates the Rhythm of Summer at the South City Concert Series Saturday, June 15th at 8pm. Christopher Williams, ConFunkShun and The SOS Band will be performing live!

Belting out catchy tunes since 1989, Christopher Williams is no newbie to the music industry. We caught up with the musician to talk about his new music, his favorite memories on the road and his future acting plans. Check it out!

It’s been a while since your last studio album, what have you been up to?

In 2002, I went out to a play called Men Cry in the Dark. I caught the theater bug. I learned that I could reach fans that I had never touched before and also, broaden my fan base. I got to start singing gospel music again. I started getting, “When are you going to make another studio album?” I started [writing new songs] in ’09 or ’08 maybe, and then the next year I went out to California and said I’m going to start recording. I just finished my first studio album in a long time. I’ve been humbled and blessed that people still remember me and want to work on this project with me.

You have a show coming up in Atlanta on June 15th. What can fans expect from your live performance?

We’ll take you down memory lane and I’m going to do the new single. So you’ll get a little flashback and you’ll get a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s going to be a blast! I’m honored to open up.

What’s your favorite aspect of performing?

The connection with the person I’m singing to. I might bring a girl up on stage or go in the crowd. I never lose eye contact. The eye contact makes the connection.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

I would have to say coming home to Radio City in 1992. Riding by a place that was such a monumental venue when I was a child and seeing my name up there. That was probably the most memorable show. I got to be in Marvin Gaye’s dressing room.

What is your dream lineup? Venue?

I’d say the Hollywood Bowl. There are many venues I would love to play, but my aunt Ella [Fitzgerald] played there. If I could rewind the hands of time and create an amazing performance it would be with my aunt Ella Fitzgerald and tied for second would be Bob Marley or Marvin Gaye.

You’ve done acting as well as singing. Do you have plans to pursue acting in the near future?

I do have a play I’m doing in October and it’s a really great cast. It’s going to be a really good play that we did a couple years ago in Chicago. We sold it out, so we’re going to go back and video tape it. That right now is the only acting that I have for this year. I’m going to be moving back to California full-time because I want to start pursuing some of the ideas that we have.

Check out Christopher Williams opening for Con Funk Shun and the SOS Band at the Amphitheater at Riverdale on June 15th! Tickets below!

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