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drake white

Drake White, aspiring singer/songwriter and Alabama native brings a different kind of feel to country music with a freestyle twist on many of his original songs. He ad-libs throughout a show phrasing rhythmic lyrics as his entertaining live show unfolds. Drake frequently involves the audience in his witty craftsmanship of verbalization as well. The enthusiastic 27-year-old credits many country, blues, rock, freestyle and bluegrass influences that forms his musical sound that is unique in its own way. The EMI singer/songwriter is incredibly motivated in his pursuit of creating great music and wants nothing more than to do what he loves. He is a God fearing, river rat, beach bum that loves the outdoors and expresses this love through his soulful lyrical exchanges that breeze through the listener’s ears effortlessly. AMG chatted with Drake about how his music career got its start, his artistic influences, his songwriting process, and more!

AMG: How did you get started playing music?

DW: I was raised around music in church. I attended bluegrass functions as a kid and that continued into my college years. While away at college, I began playing in small dives around Auburn, Alabama and the rest is history.

AMG: Who are some of your biggest influences?

DW: Various local artist in the Alabama bluegrass world, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, The Stones, Guy Clark, Ray Lamontagne, The Band, Allman Brothers Band, Willie Nelson, Randy Travis, and Garth Brooks. Current artist is JJ Cale.

AMG: When writing a song, how does the process usually begin?

DW: With a bolt of lightning! Just kidding. Sometimes it’s a melody, sometimes it’s a phrase, sometimes it’s an idea or subject – a person, a dog, nature, heartache, or an experience. That’s the beauty, it’s not a formula. I believe all songs are already created by our creator and he specifically hand picks you to put the words into music and communicate it to his world.

AMG: What kind of impact do you feel that streaming music services such as Spotify have had on artists?

DW: I believe since it is the way things have evolved, you can love it or hate it but you better figure out a way for it to benefit you and your fans. Spotify is great for the consumer. It’s progress and the music business is progressive. You innovate or you get left in the dust. I choose to positively innovate.

AMG: What is your opinion on vinyl’s increase in popularity?

DW:The cracks and pops evoke feeling, it sounds good! There is “living room” warmness to it, and it’s fun to romanticize the past.

AMG: How do you approach social media as an artist?

DW: With joy!

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Doors at 6:30 p.m. Tickets: GA $8 in advance, $12 at the door. Table seats are $10 and must be purchased in multiples of 4. Online and phone sales close at 5 p.m. day of show.

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