Interview: Emily Kinney @ Eddie’s Attic 11/25

1382042_10151988558887152_1219532509_nEmily Kinney is one multi-talented lady. True Walker Stalkers might know her as Hershel’s crowbar-wielding daughter Beth, but this actress-turned-singer pursues many artistic avenues. One of them happens to be whacking zombies with a metal stick. Another is singing sweet, bouncy love songs and ballads to eager audiences. Clearly, there are many facets to this bright-eyed Nebraska girl’s artistry. In this interview, she talks family, first concerts and feeling at home on stage.

What’s the first gig you ever attended?
The first concert I ever saw was the Spin Doctors. I was really little, I think even only like 10 or something… My older sister let me tag along. I ditched my sister and her boyfriend and pushed my way to the very front row. After that I was a huge Spin Doctors fan. You know what’s funny? I just heard “Two Princes” in the car this morning. It made me happy.

What is the best gig that you ever performed?
One of my favorites so far has been the first time I played at Hotel Cafe in LA. My parents were there and my Grandpa and my little sister were there. They live in the mid-west and they had never seen me perform my own music or even met the guys in my band before, only really seen me in plays or when I was little and lived in Nebraska performing at church or talent shows, etc. Also, we practiced a lot for that show and had a lot of cool arrangements. Orr and Simon were there with me from NYC. They are two of my best friends, and they are two of my favorite people to be onstage with.

What is the best gig you have ever seen?
I can’t pick best but one that has stuck with me in a very profound way was when I saw my friend Kevin Johnston of Bright Silence play solo at this place Pete’s Candy Store. I hadn’t lived in NYC too long, yet his voice and songs really stuck with me and inspired me. I was working on a play at the time and had started singing back up with this singer-songwriter Dave Beck and he was the one who told me to come out. Not only was I blown away by Kevin, but I remember just sipping on my beer and having this warm, cozy, happy, home-y feeling, like this is how I should be spending my time, being at shows. It’s similar to how I’ve felt at times being in a theatre. Writing how you feel and then singing those words out loud in front of people is one of the scariest and most awesome things ever.

What kind of gig would you most like to play?
I think it could be fun to go back to Nebraska and play a show. I don’t even know enough to know where I should want to play most. I want to play everywhere. I want to play where there are lots of people who will like the songs I write.

Emily Kinney’s latest EP “Expired Lover” came out last month. If you want to witness her talent for yourself, we cordially invite you to spend an evening with her at Eddie’s Attic, Monday, November 25 at 7:30pm. Get your tickets here.  


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