Interview: Hunter Callahan- Playing @ Eddie’s Attic July 3rd!

hunter callahanAtlanta singer-songwriter, Hunter Callahan, will be rocking out at Eddie’s Attic on Wednesday, July 3! We had to get the scoop from the blues musician himself! Check out what Hunter had to say about some of his favorite shows, personal performances and his dream lineup!

What is the first gig you ever attended?

This question is actually kind of funny…It can be broken down in to two different answers. The first gig I ever attended, and the first REAL gig I ever attended. The first actual concert I went to (or remember going to) was the Backstreet Boys sometime back in the late ’90s. I don’t really remember much about the show, other than the fact that I fell asleep during the set…I think that says enough about that one. The first real show I went to was Boston, on their Corporate America tour back in ’02. I was around 9 years old and Boston was my favorite band at the time, so my dad took me to see them at Chastain. It was a pretty awesome experience and an amazing show.

What is the best gig that you ever performed?

I think the best show, based on my performance, crowd response, and just overall fun, has to be when I played a show with Charlie Mars at Eddie’s Attic. I had only been performing solo shows for 6 or 7 months at the time (my first performance as a singer-songwriter was in November 2012), so being given an opening slot with an artist like Charlie Mars was pretty exciting. I got to play a 30 minute set to a sold out crowd at Eddie’s, and it was an absolute blast. Met a ton of cool people, the songs went over extremely well. I managed to sell out of my CD’s, which weren’t even finished at the time! So it was a very fun and encouraging night for me. Although, part of me likes to think I haven’t played my best gig yet!

What is the best gig you’ve ever seen?

Now this is a tough one…I think as far as the most fun I’ve had at a show, was when I saw AC/DC at Philips Arena a few years ago. That was just utter excitement and chaos, exactly what a good rock n’ roll show should be. But, as far as the best overall concert I’ve ever been to? I think that’s going to have to be when I saw The Black Crowes at the Tabernacle back in 2010. A lot of things made that show the best for me…it was my first time to the Tabernacle, which has since become one of my favorite venues, and my first time seeing the Black Crowes. They had two hour and a half sets, the first all acoustic and the second all electric. And I was about 10-15 feet from the stage, so the whole experience was there. That being said…it’s a close call, because I’ve seen plenty of amazing shows including Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, The Eagles, and Gary Clark Jr.

What is the gig you would most like to play?

Well when you’re trying to get established like I am…pretty much any gig is a good one! But I would love to be able to play venues like the Tabernacle, or the Georgia Theatre up in Athens. But I would also love to get involved with festivals. Those have always been really cool music experiences. One day it’d be nice to play stages at places like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or my personal favorite Atlanta’s own Music Midtown. But at the moment…playing venues where people listen is a step in the right direction.

What would be the lineup for your dream gig?

It’s going to be really hard not to write a list 10 pages long on this one…I think if I had to pick 5 artists (who are currently living) to play one show it would be:

The Allman Brother’s Band
James Taylor
The Black Crowes (Yea, that’s right. I’d see them again in a heartbeat.)
Zac Brown Band
John Mayer

And that is in no particular order, and my top 5 favorite artists are constantly changing.

Catch Hunter Callahan playing at Eddie’s Attic TOMORROW, Wednesday, July 3! See you there!

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