Interview: NYMPH, Playing Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery June 23rd

3593_649125938437372_1373911582_nPsychedelic Brooklyn septet NYMPH is coming to Atlanta just two days before the release of their second LP, New Millenium Prayer and we got a chance to talk to Matty McDermott about the band’s expanded lineup, collaborative recording and bombastic live shows.

Let me start by asking you this, what’s changed since your last album?

Quite a bit actually. This is an entirely new band, outside of our vocalist Eri. The first album I basically wrote and recorded myself, though I had a lot of help from outside musicians obviously.

What was it like recording the album with all the lineup changes?

It was pretty exciting. Starting off it was my own project with other people involved – it’s now worked into this wildy energetic, collaborative sort of atmosphere.

It was recorded more collaboratively?

The record was actually recorded live. I had a general idea of what I wanted for the record, I had parts and plans written. Most of the record was recorded in one take and then we went in and thought about what we could make better, what we could do with overdubs, etc.

What’s it like touring with the new, much larger band?

We’ll be touring as a seven-piece, prior to this we had only toured as a four-piece so I guess we’re just all going to cram into a van and have a good time.

What can we expect from these new live shows?

It’s gonna be bombastic. You can expect some wild costumes. You can expect some total rippin’ jams. You can expect some improvisation. You can expect some heavy, heavy reverb. You can expect some total chaos. It’ll be high energy.

You can catch NYMPH this Sunday, June 23rd, at Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery!


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