Interview w/ Andrew Wessen of GROUPLOVE; Playing @ Party in the Park 5/18!

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Who knew that at one point, five strangers could come together, almost immediately form a tight bond and create magical, dance-friendly, chart-topping music? If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m talking about the quintet that make up GROUPLOVE.

For being a band for roughly four years, GROUPLOVE has accomplished many things in a short amount of time. From being on nearly every popular late night talk show in America (Late Show with David Letterman, Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno) to having their song “Everyone’s Gonna Get High” featured on the hit HBO series, Girls, to selling out famous venues like the Wiltern in L.A. and Terminal 5 in NYC, it’s become apparent that GROUPLOVE is here to stay, and we’re not complaining!

We were thrilled when the Party in the Park lineup was announced and GROUPLOVE was on the bill! Sharing the stage with Ellie Goulding and Passion Pit, GROUPLOVE will rock out at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta on May 18.

Luckily, Andrew Wessen, vocalist and guitarist in the band, took the time to talk with us! With a new album on the horizon, summer music festivals lined up and a European tour in the near future, Andrew had plenty to talk about! Read below to see what else Andrew shared with us!

The band formed not too long ago in 2009 and in 2011, the first single, “Colours” was number 12 on the Modern Rock charts as well as being featured in FIFA 12, Madden 12 and MLB 2K12. The second single “Tongue Tied” was featured in an iPod touch commercial. Did you all ever expect that much positive attention so soon?

We absolutely didn’t at all. This was our first entrance into music [as a band]. We’d all been in other bands, but never had anything like this before. We were so lucky and blessed to have that.

You’ve already accomplished many incredible things, what would you say is the band’s greatest accomplishment to date?

Playing in Japan and playing a sold out show at the Wiltern in L.A.

Who are the band’s greatest musical influences?

We influence each other more than anything. We are all so different and we grew up with such different musical influences. We blend everything together to bring something new to the table.

Do you all have any pre-show rituals?

I wish I could be more interesting…we’re always in a good mood [before a show]. We play pranks, just mess around with each other and keep things light.

How do you all write your music? What’s the best environment for you to write in?

It changes every time. All five of us write songs. We were super collaborative in a way on this new album. We want what’s best for the song.

Are you excited to be playing in Atlanta at Party in the Park?

We love Atlanta! We’ve played some of the best shows there. The Masquerade, Center Stage…

What do you guys have planned for the remainder of 2013?

We wrapped up our new album which is exciting! We recorded for three months in L.A. and cut 22 songs (unfortunately only about half will make it on this album). It should be released this fall. We’ll be touring Europe and playing festivals, ones that I have never heard of, but big festivals!

Make sure to grab your tickets to see GROUPLOVE at Party in the Park on May 18 along with Ellie Goulding and Passion Pit!

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