Interview: Willie Sugarcapps @ Eddie’s Attic 2/1

Willie Sugarcapps

Willie Sugarcapps’ collective musical experiences mingle together to create a new kind of organic and artisanal music. It’s laid back, it rocks, it comes from classic country, from the blues, from New Orleans and from the best kind of rock ‘n’ roll. It tells a story through five individual voices full of character and experience with humanity, energy and soul.

The band brings its story to Eddie’s Attic this Saturday night, and Andrew Chatwood talked with Anthony Crawford about their upcoming show.


How did you get started playing music?       

My first musical moment was with a Mickey Mouse guitar back in 1963… somehow it was tuned to an open key by accident and when I strummed it, I was hooked like big big fish.


Who are some of your biggest influences? 

Roger Miller, Buck Owens, Roy Clark, Glen Campbell, Hank Williams, Goose Creek Symphony


When writing a song, how does the process usually begin?   

Lately it is a struggle to have free time to devote to being in the studio, however in the past I would get my mind right and just go casting my net into notation bay….  music always comes to me first, yet on rare occasion I find something that I NEED to say…


What kind of impact do you feel that streaming music services such as Spotify have had on artists?   

It’s both good and bad. The good is that you are getting your music out to the world, however, there isn’t much money to be gained by it.  Oh the Times they are a changing.


What is your opinion on vinyl’s increase in popularity?   

I love this because it has a sonic depth that you don’t get with CD’s.


How do you approach social media as an artist?  

I defer this to my much younger wife who has a deep understanding of it. Hash tag?? I just found out about this so you may be asking the wrong guy here.



 Come out and see Willie Sugarcapps at Eddie’s Attic, this Saturday February 1st!

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