What’s Up Thursday?

We are almost to the weekend, and I decided to start this day off with a funny little joke:

“Why was the mushroom invited to the party?”
-” Because he was a FUN GUI!”

Ok, here are your Thursday picks:

The Cumberland Collective is a melting pot of various styles of contemporary music borne in the fiery belly of Music City, U.S.A. With six primary songwriters, a host of accomplished musicians, and more than slightly regular guests, the band is large. For this show at Eddie’s Attic, The Cumberland Collective will feature; Mike Willis, Connor Rand, Clay Evans, Isaac Hayden, Noah Collins, Jason Eskridge, Debra Gordon, Reggie Sullivan, Brendan Bull, and Philip Lowman.

-Virginia based five-piece, Wrinkle Neck Mules, have played hundreds of shows all over the US and UK, released 5 albums and quietly established a cult-like following in many corners of the world. The band once described itself as having “a rock skeleton with bluegrass blood and country skin”. See them tonight at The Earl with Ocha la Rocha.

Ty Brown from ABC’s The Bachelorette w/ Mike Short JR & Statewide will be wooing the ladies at the Peachtree Tavern tonight.

-“Volt” is a live music summer series. It will feature 2-3 dynamic artists/performers spanning genres from rock to RnB/hip-hop. The goal of “Volt” is to forge a creative, inspiring, and cool environment to facilitate the art of music while fostering a community of highly talented and burgeoning artists. Tonight at Vinyl you can catch Jimi Cravity w/ Micah Kiyo.

-Atlanta rapper and B.o.B/Ham Squad wingman Playboy Tre celebrates the release of his latest mixtape, Liquor Store Mascot 2: Patron & Instrumentals at the Apache Cafe.


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