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Cherub has been heating up the live music scene for almost five years now, and have grown exponentially since their initial popularity of “Doses and Mimosas” to a bonafide force to be reckoned with. They just released a new EP Leftovers and are set to perform a sold out show at Buckhead Theatre this Saturday, Jan. 17.

We talked to Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, the duo that makes up Cherub, about the state of pop music today, their personal style, and what it’s like to work with Big Gigantic. There was even some talk of dinosaurs and Jason’s love of Jeff Goldblum.

AMG: How do you think performing live has helped to grow your fan base?

Jason: “I think nowadays due to the Internet and whatnot, there are a lot of people who are able to build a lot of buzz really, really quickly. We kind of got a little bit of a taste of that with the success of ‘Doses and Mimosas’ and the way that took off with a bit of a viral nature, but the big difference with bands nowadays that will kind of get that quick jump-off is that it doesn’t translate. There’s a lot of bands that will have crazy numbers online and look really good on paper but then when they go out to play a show, they don’t get the opportunity to play shows for a lot of people that are really excited about it. We kind of did the opposite thing since day one, instead of really pursuing that buzz factor, we’ve been just going out and playing a lot of shows. Just starting with crowds of 5 people, then 25 people, then 500 people. It’s just kind of been this flow of steady progression, and because of that we’re not sitting here worrying about like  when’s the next thing that’s gonna jump on Youtube or the next thing that’s gonna pop off on Twitter or something like that, we’re just going out, playing shows and having a good time with people. Because it’s kind of grown organically like that it’s just given us the opportunity to keep doing it more and more. So we feel really lucky to have a group of people who have stuck with us since day one and are still with us.”

What’s the one thing you really want audiences to take away from your live performance?

Jason: “If there was one thing that people could take away from our shows that they couldn’t take from another show is just that you can hear pop music and everything that is contemporary, new and exciting with music, but still hear it from a live band with real instruments and real people playing music. It doesn’t have to be a DJ or a producer playing electronic sounds, it can be a band and musicians doing that too and that’s what we want people to take away from our part of the live show. Other than that we just want people to go out and have a good time, you know, forget to be cool for a couple of minutes and just kind of lose themselves in the music or whatever it is they want to lose themselves in.”

AMG: What musicians did you listen to growing up that really stuck with you and influence your music today?

Jordan: “We grew up listening to pop music for sure. I really wasn’t raised on anything besides that, my parents didn’t really listen to that much music. When I was growing up I used to listen to a lot of metal, I used to listen to Limp Bizkit and Korn, all the stuff that made me feel angry when I was in the 6th and 7th grade, rap music, and I still listen to all those things now.”

AMG: What is your opinion on the pop music that is being played on the radio today?

Jordan: “I think there’s still good music that’s being played on the radio, I mean there’s always going to be music that people are going to find to be hollow, or a lack of emotion, feel like it’s made solely for the purpose to make money. But I don’t know, there’s still a lot of songs that I think are really well-crafted and to make a pop song that’s really well done and straight to the point – it’s much harder to do than people think, so there’s still, in my opinion, a lot of good artists that are out on the radio.”

Jason: “I think right now is really an exciting time in pop music because – we were talking about this earlier today – during the 90’s there was so much great pop music out on the radio, especially alternative pop music and alternative rock music, just because there were bands out there doing great things. And now with what’s going on with the way electronic music is being so readily incorporated into pop music it’s almost like the new punk-rock bands or something, where so many young, creative individuals are now instead of getting into a garage and picking up a guitar and amp, they’re taking a drum pad and a computer and they’re knocking heads with one of their friends and putting pop songs together that way. It’s a really exciting time just to have all these sounds changing and have people be ready for a new type of music. Electronic music is actually starting to be accepted on a wider format, with people going on these talk shows and performing with DJ’s and producers and stuff, people are ready for that sort of stuff, and it’s being adopted into the pop world now, and it’s a really exciting thing to see happening and be a part of as well. ”

AMG: How would you describe your personal style?

Jason: “Jordan is peanut butter and I’m jelly, and together we make one mean sandwich.”

Jordan: “I recently cleaned out my closet, and I realized I only really wear one outfit and that is consisting of black pants, a black shirt and black shoes. I’ve just been wearing all black lately. So, it’s been interesting because Jason is usually dressing in loud colors.”

Jason: “Yeah I’ve been really into onesies recently. Just like all over floral print tracksuits, you know, the whole spiel, matching pants, matching jacket, matching shoes.”

AMG: We interviewed Dom from Big Gigantic before their Halloween show here and he had some great things to say about you guys. What’s it like working with them?

Jordan: “Since day one, literally since day one, we played a show in Boulder [with Big Gigantic] and there was barely anyone there.”

Jason: “We were hoping people would show up to a free show, this was this long ago, almost 5 years ago, it’s crazy.”

Jordan: “And they’ve just been super supportive and really nice since day one and they’re just the most humble dudes ever because they’ve done so much with their career and they still want to collaborate and work on things and it’s always been a real pleasure kicking it with them on a personal level. They’re just really cool dudes, both of them are.”

Jason: “They’re like really good big brothers, they’ve done a lot to kind of help us out and kind of show us along the way. But at the same time they are just really good friends of ours too, and it’s super cool to get to kick it with them and make music with them and make plans into the future for crazy things that we’re trying to put together.”

AMG: If last year was the Year of the Caprese, what do you think 2015 will be for you guys?

Jordan: “I think this year is going to be the year of the dinosaurs.”

Jason: “That would be so sick. I would totally go to Jurassic Park if they opened one up, I would go there. That would be awesome, especially if Jeff Goldblum was there.”

Jordan: “You love Jeff Goldblum.”

Jason: “I mean he’s just a quirky guy, and what’s not to like about that?”

Jordan: “Yeah, I agree.”

Jason: “So yeah, Year of the Dinasaur, I think that’s a pretty safe bet.”

Jordan: “You should make the caption of this interview, ‘Jason from Cherub just wants to hang out with Jeff Goldblum.”

AMG: Have you been able to spend any time in Atlanta? If so, what’s your favorite thing to do here?

Jordan: “Yeah we’ve been to Atlanta quite a few times since it’s pretty close to Nashville.”

Jason: “Last time we were down in Atlanta we went to our producer Nick’s family’s house and that was a wild time, that was super, super fun.”

Jordan: “Yeah we shot a music video.”

Jason: “Yeah! ‘Strip To This‘”

Jordan: “Yeah we stayed there for two days on a break from our tour and basically shot a music video in his backyard, which is badass.”

Jason: “And now we are going to go hang out at the Clermont Lounge after the show to hang out with all of the lovely ladies that starred in the music video with us.”

AMG: You definitely should. What can we expect to see at your show at the Buckhead Theatre?

Jordan: “A wet and wild time. I also want to say that we’re super stoked because Atlanta is the first show that sold out on this tour so far.”

Jason: “F*** yeahhhh”

Jordan: “First pre-sale sell-out on the tour.”

Jason: “And that’s all you guys, that has nothing to do with Jordan and I.”

Jordan: “That’s all a testament to that town and how ready they are to have a good time and get rowdy.”

Jason: “So that really has nothing to do with us, we would be there either way to play the show – whether it be 5 people or 500 so like we just want to say thank you – it’s super awesome when a town will show us love like that.”

Cherub is at The Buckhead Theatre Saturday, Jan. 17 for a sold out show. Doors open at 7:30pm.



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