Jukebox the Ghost Featured on World Cafe Live

Jukebox the Ghost

Vocalist and pianist Ben Thornewill, singer-guitarist Tommy Siegel and drummer Jesse Kristin met at George Washington University in 2003, then formed Jukebox The Ghost three years later. The D.C. pop band’s self-titled fourth album was released last week.

You can get a preview of the new songs as well as listen to an interview with the band on World Cafe now. About the new album, Paste said “Whether it’s their deceptively pensive lyrics or unconventional covers, Jukebox The Ghost’s playful, synthy sound has a way of getting stuck in your head.”  Tell us what you think in the comments or on twitter @atlantamusic!

Jukebox the Ghost is coming to Atlanta to headline The Loft with Coins//Mike Mains & The Branches on 11/07/2014






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