KISS gives Atlanta fans an electrifying farewell – again – Cellaris Amphitheatre at Lakewood 10/10/21

KISS played Atlanta for the first time in 1974 an enthusiastic Paul Stanley informs the crowd from the stage of Cellaris Amphitheatre at Lakewood. “We love you Atlanta” he screams in his high-register New York accent. Nearly 50 years after their first visit, Stanley, along with the rest of KISS are here to say goodbye one last time before hanging up their platform boots for good. (or so they claim – they’ve retired and reunited several times before)
KISS, in the full bloom of their fame was an industry unto themselves. A marketing powerhouse. In addition to multiple platinum selling albums the KISS machine churned out an astonishing roster of products – comic books, cereal, lunchboxes, trading cards, bubblegum, t-shirts, baseball caps, halloween costumes. A KISS movie even appeared on ABC TV – if you could sell it to an adolescent boy, it probably had the KISS logo plastered on it. Or, as bassist Gene Simmons once wryly noted “KISS isn’t a rock n roll band, we’ re a rock n roll BRAND!”
Tonight, its apparent that the KISS Army has neither a minimum enlistment age nor a mandatory retirement age judging from the 13,000 people, toddlers to retirees (many of the latter wearing full KISS makeup), in attendance. And KISS didn’t disappoint- Opening with “Detroit Rock City”, their career-spanning 23 song set was delivered with the attendant pyrotechnics, light show, theatrics and auditory intensity that have defined the KISS experience since 1973. Stanley’s inter-song stage banter adds a dimension of playfulness and keeps the fans engaged. Closer, “I Wanna Rock and Roll” saw the arena erupt in a cloud of confetti as the band bid the city farewell.
If this is indeed “The End of the Road”, it’s been one hell of a ride.
KISS Setlist – Cellaris Amphitheatre – 10/10/21
Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
War Machine
Heaven’s on Fire
I Love It Loud
(Gene breathing fire)
Say Yeah
Cold Gin
Guitar Solo
(Tommy Thayer)
Lick It Up
(with “Won’t Get Fooled Again” interlude)
Calling Dr. Love
Tears Are Falling
Psycho Circus
Drum Solo
100,000 Years
(Partial, outro only)
Bass Solo
God of Thunder
Love Gun
(Paul on B-Stage)
I Was Made for Lovin’ You
(Paul on B-Stage)
Black Diamond



Do You Love Me

Rock and Roll All Nite

Photos by Hillery Terenzi
Words by Navin Johnson


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