Live Review: The Struts w/ The Karma Killers @ The Earl 10/19/15


In this day and age, it is rare to find a band that can be compared to classic acts like Queen, David Bowie, and the Rolling Stones, and successfully measure up to the unique, larger than life personas each of these artists created for their audiences. British indie-rock group, The Struts, effortlessly make the cut, filling the flashy, rowdy, glamrock and roll void, that today’s modern music seems to be missing. The foursome which includes frontman Luke Spiller on vocals, Adam Slack on guitar, Jed Elliott on bass, and Gethin Davies on drums, have begun their takeover of the American music charts with their hit single “Could Have Been Me”, and have been playing sold out shows across the country on their first U.S. tour. Monday night, the charismatic bunch performed an electrifying set at one of East Atlanta’s favorite venues, The Earl. The night was nothing short of memorable, complete with over the top theatrics, flamboyant threads, and sing-alongs that released the inner rockstar living inside each and every one of us.

At the start of the night, New Jersey rockers, The Karma Killers, got the crowd moving with their catchy rock anthems and ostentatious stage presence. Fresh off of Van’s Warped Tour, these rambunctious souls have joined forces with The Struts as they embark on their venture to take over the American rock and roll scene one city at a time. When The Karma Killers finished their set, they left the room excited and energized with anticipation for the next act. While their studio recordings are undeniably catchy, the live performance of both groups was really quite the spectacle. As The Struts took the stage, a sense of nostalgia was infused into the audience as lead Luke Spiller epitomized the physical energy and stage presence of pop-culture’s most prominent icons, very Mercury-Jagger-esque. Hands down, frontman Spiller, wore the crown of greatness as he paraded across the stage, back and forth, captivating his followers with his stunning vocal range and cocky yet playful personality. The interaction between the band and the audience was wonderful and kept me dancing and singing until the very last note was played. After taking part in their live show (literally), I can confidently say that the gentlemen of The Struts know what it takes to embody a rockstar. They are loud. They do not apologize or hold back. Most importantly, they have fun and give their audience a night they most certainly will never forget.


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