Preview: Mutual Benefit @ The EARL 2/3

MutualBenefit_PhotobyDannyDorsa_2Mutual Benefit, Jordan Lee’s sometimes one-man-band, sometimes sprawling collective, released their debut album, the powerful and heartfelt Love’s Crushing Diamond in December. Various tracks were shared prior to its release to give listeners a glimpse into the lucid, sonorous world of Lee and his chosen collaborators. Now that the compilation of songs is available in its entirety, it’s been called everything from a window to a haunting world to a baroque-folk flight of fancy to a dream-pop vision. 
One song in particular, “Advanced Falconry” immediately evokes a feeling of nostalgia and sentimentality, reminding us of the idiosyncrasies of personal relationships. We hear the inspiration for the song came from a hilarious old book on falconry, filled with pictures of aristocratic rich people who’d dress up their falcons in outfits to match their own. We’re all about trained falcons in teensy finery, too, Lee.


Mutual Benefit set sail on their North America tour this month and on February 3 you can find ’em at the EARL. The live band will feature Jordan on guitar, synths and vocals, his sister Whitney Lee on synth and vocals, plus a bassist, a guitarist and a percussionist/vocalist. We think it would benefit you to go and hear these guys and having a hip crowd to play for will certainly benefit Jordan and the rest of gang… Aww, would ya look at that!
Doors open at 8:30pm and tickets are $8 in advance.


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