Preview: The Big Bang Ball, Saturday, June 23 at The Goat Farm

By Gini Strobel

When most of us think about carnivals and circuses, cheesy clowns and lion tamers come to mind.  While the major circus companies have taken on more of a Disney-like spin, there are a few groups trying to recreate the original sideshow style, dust bowl, carnival attractions.  Circuses were created hundreds of years ago with the intent to attract patrons to check out the abnormal, the weird, the freaks, the oddities, and the geeks.  Traditional carnivals and circuses were anything, but politically correct. With the vintage carnival theme in mind, Deisha Oliver-Millar, President of BANG! Arts, has assembled The Big Bang Ball, the perfect throwback to the original carnival/circus concept of centuries past.

This Saturday, BANG! Arts and The Goat Farm will host The Big Bang Ball.  This unique event will feature live music, puppetry, aerialists, wrestlers, stilt walkers, fortune tellers, performance groups, and pin-up girls.  Speaking of pin-up girls, The Sugar Dolls, an Atlanta based cupcake catering company, will be dishing out their delicious treats!  The Good Food Truck will also be on site and serving up their tasty hotdogs and festival style food.  Doors open at 5PM and live music will start at 6PM and includes these great bands: Adron, Cute Boots, Lera Lynn,  and Blair Crimmins and The Hookers.

BANG! Arts has a talented crew working to put together this fun and unusual day!  The Big Bang Ball was conceived to be a celebration of the artists and companies that BANG! Arts has worked with since its inception in 2008. Every artist, business and person participating has their adoration and loyalty!  Funds from this event will allow BANG! Arts to build a scholarship program for developing artists to gain training and skills in self-promotion, marketing, and public relations practices to create a stronger brand of artist and young business.

Join BANG! Arts this Saturday at The Goat Farm, 1200 Foster St Atlanta, GA 30318. Children 15 years old and younger will be admitted for free.

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