Q&A with B-52s’ Fred Schneider; DJing The Gold Room March 5

By Eric Chavez

B-52s front man Fred Schneider is back! It’s been years since the groups last LP Funhouse, but not only are the group coming back, but Schneider has a few side projects going for himself, including the group The Superions. Now the Atlanta native will be making his way to The Gold Room for his Spring Thang Bingo Dance Party on March 5.

I know you have a new project, The Superions, could you tell me a little about that side project?

Well, it started off as a one-off thing. My music partners, Noel and Dan came up with a track, so we stayed with them in Orlando while the band [The B52s] was doing Funplay performing a show, and I came up with “Totally Nude Island” and then we got a remix and did a video for it, and it really took off. We got some great remixes and it just turned into a great EP, and the CD and vinyl came out today [February 23]. Now I’m working on a Christmas album, a Halloween album, and a regular album with The Superions.

You’re coming to Atlanta’s Gold Room next Friday for an event, what can people expect?

On March 5, we’re doing a bingo-dance party. I will be there as a DJ playing wild, crazy dance music and hanging out with everybody.

When did you start DJing?

Well, people asked me if I did, I said “yeah.” I DJ’d for two big parties at Target. What I do is I let someone else play the record, but I pick ‘em. It’s a gig.

You’ve been around in music with the B-52s, you have so many classics, in your whole music career, with them or without them. What would you say is a song that you’re part of that you’re most proud of as an artist?

Represents me? That’s hard, because I’ve written so many songs for my solo album and with The B-52s are mostly collaborations. You know I’d have to say “Rock Lobster.”

You know I heard this Madonna demo from the early ’80s that ripped off the guitar riff from “Rock Lobster.”

Well I wish she would have recorded it and given us the money! She’s not known to be original. You can say it, but you probably wanna interview her about her children.

Speaking of that, I know you’re an artist and you respect artists who do what you do. But is there an artist out there you just wish would go away?

No I don’t wanna say. There’s so many! I’d rather celebrate the unsung singers who are finally getting their due. You can’t. Because I might meet them one day! But back in my punky/new-wave negative days I probably would’ve answered Linda Ronstadt because she dissed us.  Anybody who dissed us, I really don’t care about.

I know you opened for Cher on her last tour, tell me what she was like with you guys.

She posed for a photo with us. I mean she looks better in person than they try to make her look in all those tabloids. I was a little pissed that she didn’t introduce us. I was like, “Hello Cher!” But then you have to realize that they’re there to see Cher. You know, I thought she was really good and really funny, and then I realized that she had word-for-word the same stage pattern every night. I mean I wouldn’t be able to remember it!

[Laughs] Well it is hard to think of something new to say every night. I mean you probably do it well.

One reason I forget lyrics and faze out is because I’m always trying to think of something to say between songs.

What about artists in the future that you’d like to work with?

Oh, Peaches. I know them and I keep trying to hint, “hello?” Do you want to sing with me, “hello”?

What about The B52s, will you guys be doing any more albums together?

Yeah, right now we’re remixing a live record. It will come out when it’s ready, which should be soon.


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