Q&A With Granville Automatic & The Well Reds; Playing The Buckhead Theatre, August 18

You are already in Buckhead on Thursdays for the yummy Food Trucks, and now AMG is giving you just one more reason to stick around! Atlanta Music Guide & Bow Inc Presents Granville Automatic, Lauren St. Jane, and The Well Reds at The Buckhead Theatre, tomorrow August 18. We chatted with local faves Granville Automatic and The Well Reds before the big show tomorrow.

What is the most outrageous gift you’ve ever received from a fan?

GA: Some of the best gifts have been stories from people who come up to us after we play and say “you should write a song about…” and then proceed to tell us some great ghost story or war story. A bunch of our new songs come from this.

WR: Well I was surprised at a show one evening by a fan who bought me a ticket to see U2’s 360 tour when they came to the Georgia Dome…That was pretty incredible.

If you could collaborate with any musician who would it be?

GA: I’d like to hear Vanessa sing with Lyle or with Ray LaMontagne. I’d love to write a song with Willie Nelson or Paul Simon. And I’d still have dinner with Morrissey.

WR: I’d like to write some songs with Emmylou Harris, or at least sing one with her!

What was your first concert?

GA: Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Helmet

WR:  I came from a gospel-loving family, so my first concert was none other than Russ Taff.

How do you feel about tequila?

GA: Tequila serves as a great songwriting tool. Alongside a lime, a piece of paper, and a typewriter!

WR:  I like it, but it doesn’t necessarily like me! All things in moderation, right?

What are you working on now? Anything you are excited about?

GA: There are so many exciting things going on right now. Vanessa and I are writing like crazy, and recording in Nashville and L.A . In Nashville, we worked with some amazing musicians like The Mavericks and Al Perkins in the studio, and in Los Angeles, we are tracking with guys from Shooter Jennings’ and JJ Cale’s bands.We also just taped an episode of the PBS show “Sun Studio Sessions” at Sun in Memphis. Playing in that studio was amazing. The show will also be a live iTunes exclusive album.

WR: The Well Reds have a lot to be excited about right now! We just signed a management deal with Bonded Entertainment, and will be showcasing for the NACA Southeast and Mid America conferences this fall.  We are currently finishing mixes for a yet to be titled live album, and are getting ready for a two week tour.


  1. Cool facts on the bands, what about the Lauren St.Jane and The Dead Westerns? Saw them at Turner Field Braves game show, gonna be there for the Buckhead show!

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