Q&A with Magnapop’s Ruthie Morris; Playing The EARL, June 11

By Scott Roberts

The release of a new CD is always reason to celebrate, but for Atlanta veteran rockers Magnapop, this Friday’s show at The EARL in honor of Chase Park, the band’s fifth album since their 1992 debut, it seems a bit beyond just a celebration. After several delays, including at least one official “act of God” – last October’s floods here in Atlanta ruined the entire first pressings of the CD – the band is poised to finally unleash a new batch of  their unique brand of muscular melodicism on the world. Guitarist/co-songwriter Ruthie Morris was kind enough to answer a few questions about the show and the CD.

When did you guys record the album? How long did it take to record it?

We recorded Chase Park at Chase Park in 2009 over three consecutive long weekends.

Was the recording process on Chase Park basically the same as it’s been for Magnapop in the past, or was it significantly different (recorded more quickly? over time? more/less overdubs? etc.)?

The recording process for CP was basically the same as it has been for other records: First, we did lots of preproduction on our own. We always try to record the songs as demos first to be able to step back and add or take things out in the next recording. We did record this album rather quickly … six days recording and three days of mixing. As far as overdubs go, we fit in as much as time would allow.

Has Magnapop’s music mellowed as you and Linda have aged (though you’ve only aged a tiny bit!), or can your fans still expect the same sort of in-your-face, though melodic, rock they’ve gotten in the past?

I wouldn’t say we’ve mellowed a bit. If anything we have become more confident in our songwriting and our voices. I think this record fits in perfectly with our other records.

You guys just got back from playing some shows overseas – do you have plans for more European appearances or are you going to play across the USA, or are you just going to stay closer to home for now?

We are going back overseas at the end of June for some more shows and a few festivals. We have a label over there so it makes it easier. The U.S. is so difficult to tour unless you’re making great money because it’s so large. We don’t have any kind of label deal here so we have no support.

Lastly, Ruthie, can you share one musical goal you’d still like to achieve before you decide to hang up the Les Paul–something we all hope doesn’t happen for a long, long time!

I doubt I will ever hang up my Les Paul. I have a dream of being an old lady who still rocks out. I realize I am old now, but I mean really old. I think it would be so cool to play my Les Paul in my 70s. One of the many goals I have is to play in Japan and Australia. I have always heard that fans are amazing over there. Hopefully someday I will get there.

Magnapop plays their CD release party for Chase Park at The EARL, Friday, June 11 with The Polar Dunes and Water Liars.


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