Romantica Romantica
2024 Records

By Al Kaufman

Ben Kyle may have been born and raised in Ireland, and he may pine for games of cricket and girls named Fiona, but he is also the quintessential American, if only for the reason that America is a virtually flawless Americana album. Yes, the sound may sometimes be confused with that of Wilco, but if you’re going to steal, you might as well steal from the best. What Kyle and company have crafted is a CD that explores man’s relation to man, nature, and God. Yet they do so in a way that feels true. There is not a pedantic or contrived word. The characters in America drink, fall in love, try to escape, and question their faith. In a phrase, they act like real people. Jessy Greene’s (currently on tour with Foo Fighters) beautiful strings and Eric Heywood’s (currently backing Ray Lamontagne) magnificent pedal steel provide the CD with a richness and depth. They will be sorely missed on the current Romantica tour. These are lush, beautiful, intricate songs that go down surprisingly easy, but resonate long after.

Romantica play Eddie’s Attic on Wednesday, April 16th, with the Bittersweets at 8 pm

$12 ($15 door).


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