Ryan Adams walks off stage in Atlanta

The Cardinals gig featuring Ryan Adams didn’t last quite as long as most people would have expected on Friday night! The band were playing at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Duluth. The band took the stage around 8:45pm, but left less than an hour later after Adams lost his voice. It had apparently been getting steadily worse throughout the night, but in typical Adam’s fashion, the gig ended abruptly leaving the crowd bewildered and looking for refunds.

Brad from the band issued this statement..

"Hi everyone, Brad here…I’m on the bus, heading home, after a long 3 weeks. We have all battled illness, I had a bad neck for a few days, and tonight, Ryan lost his voice. I heard it last night starting to go, I heard it today at radio, getting rougher, and tonight, it finally gave. Believe me, we ALL wish tonight’s show had not ended the way it did…it left everyone unsatisfied…Ryan, the band, and especially you, the audience. I’m sure Ryan will address this himself at some point, but we certainly did not intend for tonight’s show to go off the way it did…sometimes, shit just happens… As far as making up this show to the Atlanta audience…we owe you one…Atlanta has ALWAYS been a city that has shown us lots of love, and it breaks my heart to pull out of there feeling like we let you down. I know some people will understand, others may have already written us off…please, let us make it up to you. Somehow, someway, we will make this right. Thanks to everyone who came…you guys are the best, and you deserve the best…much love…I’m going home to sleep until Monday… yours humbly, Brad "

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  1. hey man, i was there and was dissapointed by the walk off, but i guess i understand a little. it was just frustrating not hearing from Ryan. i’m still a fan though.

  2. He walked off stage in Birmingham, AL too. He is known for this behavior which is a huge disappointment to his fans. Not to mention, what a waste of money.

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