Show Preview: Bob Sima


Transformational Troubadour, Eckhart Tolle with a guitar, and music mystic are just some of the phrases used to describe Bob Sima, who will return to Eddie’s Attic on October 12th.

He is what Wayne Dyer, Don Miguel Ruiz, and Eckhart Tolle are to books and Rumi, Hafiz, and David Whyte are to poetry. Bob Sima is a singer, songwriter, performer, storyteller, speaker and so much more! He uses melody as he leads his listeners through their own consciousness to a deeper sense of connection and inner peace and purpose. His music bridges daily life and soul consciousness–the eternal with the now.

Sima is an artist without one singular musical direction, however, his “soul-full” music is a genre of its own. It straddles the genres of folk, kirtan, soul, and gospel. He provides a unique energy to every performance, rarely making a set-list, and often just following the flow of the audience. His performances invite a visceral embodiment of the music and message in a wide-open space of possibilities.

Sima’s mission for his music: “I come with a crystal clear divine purpose. With utmost and sacred devotion, I encapsulate in song my interpretations of the ancient and timeless wisdom of the ascended masters and the contemporary teachers I meet in this life. Each and every song I channel begins as my personal conversation with Source, delivered as life lessons of spiritual growth and transformation. Just as these conversations birth expansion, awakening, and remembrance in me, I share my gift to soften the hardest of hearts, widen the narrowest of smiles, loosen the tightest of grips, lighten the heaviest of loads, and thin the thickest of walls of as many souls as I can possibly reach. With passion, conviction and enthusiasm, it is my highest honor to sing from my heart to yours.”

“Bob Sima is picking up where John Lennon left off.” ~Americana Community Music Association

Bob’s songs sound like they could have been bursting out of back porch radios for the past 40 years. But they don’t make you nostalgic so much as they make you look forward to what Sima will do next. ~Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Don’t miss Bob Sima at Eddie’s Attic on October 12th.

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