Show Preview: Jonathan Richman featuring Tommy Larkins on drums Playing @ The Goat Farm Feb 9th & 10th


There are musicians and artists in this world who sometimes like to keep a low profile and we can certainly respect that. Jonathan Richman is one of those private folks, so in lieu of an interview, we are going to provide you with a little show preview. Jonathan Richman is playing at The Goat Farm in the Rodriguez Room this Saturday, February 9th & Sunday, February 10th. This unique venue is more than fitting for Richman’s style.

Jonathan Richman is a veteran in the music industry. His songs are honest, playful, and catchy. He writes and sings with a straightforward ease and embodies humor and quirk, often incorporating French. Fun songs like “Velvet Underground” and “When I Dance” make you want to clap your hands and sing along. He’s got a thing for artists too, as many of his songs are named after the greats: “Salvador Dali”, “Vincent Van Gogh”,”No One Was Like Vermeer”, & “Pablo Picasso” to name a few.

The records that Jonathan Richman has made over the past 30 years have long held a special place in the hearts of his fans. He began playing guitar at the age of 15, and in the early 1970s formed the Modern Lovers, whose raw, minimalist sound and emotionally forthright songs helped to lay the groundwork for punk rock. But by the time the group’s landmark debut album (including the much-covered “Road Runner,” a Top Five single in Europe) was released in 1976, Jonathan had already moved on to a quieter sound and a gentler lyrical focus. Since then, he’s continued to record and tour prolifically, first with a series of Modern Lovers lineups, later on his own, and eventually as a duo with drummer Tommy Larkins. Over the years, Jonathan’s music has absorbed a multitude of influences, from doo-wop to country to a variety of international styles, without sacrificing the artist’s effervescent personality. For much of his career, Jonathan has toured almost nonstop around the world.

Get out this weekend and see a great show. Jonathan’s unique style will make an impact.

Catch Jonathan Richman with Tommy Larkins on drums this Saturday (2/9) & Sunday (2/10) at The Goat Farm Arts Center in the Rodriguez Room!


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