Show Preview: Seven Lions @ Opera Nightclub 3/6

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Liquified presents the second date on Phase 1 of Seven Lions Throes of Winter Tour at Atlanta’s Opera Nightclub this Friday March 6.

Fans of DJ and producer Jeff Montalvo (Seven Lions) will tell you that listening to his music is not just a past time, it’s an experience. He has brought the world of electronic dance music to perfection; bridging the gap between beautiful trance vibes and the adrenaline of bass driven music. Innovative and versatile, Seven Lions has quickly become one of the most sought after producers in the industry. Soulful, majestic and powerful, his shows will have you mesmerized with emotion and passion. Even while remixing songs from other artists, he maintains the originality of the song while skillfully making the sound his own.

Now one of the best producers in electronic dance music, it’s interesting to think he came from a metal and punk inclined background as a drummer. While this was enjoyable, he sought after something bigger. Soon after receiving the production program Fruity Loops, the rest was history. To date, Montalvo has released 4 EP’s, including Polarize and Days to Come in 2012, Worlds Apart in 2014 and his newest Throes of Winter in 2015. In just five years, he has made appearances at some of the biggest music festivals in the world like Tomorrowworld, EDC, Ultra Music Festival and Electric Forest.

Check out Seven Lions tour dates here.
Tickets for 3/6 show here.

Check out this killer track “Lose Myself” from the Throes of Winter EP.


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