Stay Free Recordings Released New Vinyl Single From Britain’s Nile Marr on March 5

Looking to dance away your spring fever? On March 5th , Nile Marr released his new single,
“Plastic Valves for an Open Heart” (b/w “The Thunderbird Showband”), through Long
Beach California’s own Stay Free Records. Lovers of vinyl should act quickly, as only 200
copies (100 in an opaque black/white and 100 in a clear/black splatter) have been pressed.

Listeners can look forward to hearing Nile Marr’s patented brand of indie rock: Catchy melodies
backed by jangly, reverb-soaked guitars. Marr has a capacity to evoke the best qualities of classic
British pop while maintaining a fresh new sound.

The vinyl release of “Plastic Valves for an Open Heart”(b/w “The Thunderbird
Showband”), is not just a limited-edition promotion, it is an intimate experience with Nile Marr.
Both “Plastic Valves for an Open Heart” and “The Thunderbird Showband” were recorded in the
brief period between Christmas and New Year’s Day. When asked why he chose to release so
few copies, Marr explained , “I felt like that was the best way to make this physical release feel
like capturing a moment that would only exist in the grooves of this one special edition.“.
Both songs were engineered and produced by Dale Charlton, Shane Dickinson, and Nile Marr.
Those interested in ordering a copy of this exclusive single should



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