Interview: Micah Dalton – August 22 @ Eddie’s Attic

Local musician, Micah Dalton spans multiple genres with his self-described “alt. soul” music. Thanks to his skillful guitar playing and soulful vocals the juxtaposition of folk, blues, and soul achieves an ear-pleasing result. Micah Dalton’s latest release, a live album entitled Live At Eddie’s Attic, brilliantly displays his excitement for music and his skillfulness as […]

5GB with Micah Dalton; Playing Eddie’s Attic Tonight, May 11

Resident ATL folk-soul singer-songwriter Micah Dalton has reemerged with a new full length album. A departure from his previous records, Blue Frontier showcases Micah’s musical versatility yet still maintains the groovy undertones one would expect from a Micah Dalton record. From the bittersweet “The Way Our Seasons Change”, introspective “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear”, […]

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