CD Review: American Bang – American Bang; Playing The Masquerade, October 10

American Bang American Bang Reprise By Al Kaufman American Bang is a rock and roll band; of that there is no doubt. Their debut CD opens with what sounds like a wild sound check, then blasts into “Whiskey Walk,” which contains the type of spiraling guitars that were Living Color’s trademark back in the early […]

CD Review: Girl in a Coma — Adventures in Coverland; Playing The Masquerade, September 29

Girl in a Coma Adventures in Coverland Blackheart Records By Al Kaufman Girl in a Coma are cooler than you. Deal with it. The all-female San Antonio trio formed over their love of all things Smiths and Nirvana when Jenn Alva and Phanie Diaz were still in high school. They took in Phanie’s then 12-year-old […]

CD Review: Rachael Sage — Delancey St.; Playing Eddie’s Attic October 10

Rachael Sage Delancey St. MPress Records By Al Kaufman Rachael Sage is a pop goddess. Equal parts chutzpah and glamour, her songs are glittery and shiny, but carry enough weight that they never never fly away. She’s constantly in fishnets of some sort, but she’s smart enough to start up and maintain her own record company. […]

CD Review: Jenny and Johnny — I’m Having Fun Now; Playing the Fox Theatre on October 30

Jenny and Johnny I’m Having Fun Now Warner Brothers By Al Kaufman Those who complain that Rilo Kiley does not  have enough Jenny Lewis will have the same problem with Jenny and Johnny. Jenny and her flame, Johnathan Rice, basically trade songs on their coming out disc, relegating the other person to back-up harmonies and […]

CD Review: Colour Revolt — The Cradle; Playing The EARL, August 20

Colour Revolt The Cradle New Fear/Dualtone By Al Kaufman For all intents and purposes, Colour Revolt should no longer be a band. In the last year they lost their recording contract with Fat Possum, then lost their guitarist, bass player and drummer. But Jesse Coppenbarger and Sean Kirkpatrick, (both vocalists, guitarists and keyboardists) soldiered on. […]

CD Review: Jay Brannan — In Living Cover; Playing Eddie’s Attic, September 7

Jay Brannan In Living Cover Great Depression Records By Al Kaufman Jan Brannan is not a happy guy. He is a self-described “antisocial misanthrope.” His Christmas song is titled “Christmas Really Sucks.” His record company is called Great Depression Records. He hates dogs, Air Canada, and the Best Buy on 23rd and 6th in Manhattan. […]

CD Review: Moreland and Arbuckle — Flood; Playing Atlanta Botanical Garden, August 27

Moreland and Arbuckle Flood Telarc By Al Kaufman Aaron Moreland and Dustin Arbuckle are doing everything they can to keep to blues alive. Arbuckle tears apart his harp every time he brings it to his lips. His voice is rich and just rough enough to sound like he’s lived about which he sings. He sounds […]

CD Review: Steve Miller Band — Bingo!; Playing Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, July 30

Steve Miller Band Bingo! Roadrunner By Al Kaufman Steve Miller has sold exactly 1.6 gazillion copies of the Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits 1974-78. In the ’80s, every single person in the United States either owned a copy or knew a person who owned a copy. For college freshmen, the album came in the orientation […]

CD Review: Will Kimbrough — Wings; Playing Eddie’s Attic, July 25

Will Kimbrough Wings Daphne By Al Kaufman Like his musical friends  Tommy Womack, Rodney Crowell, and, to a lesser degree, Todd Snider, Will Kimbrough has comfortably settled into middle age. On his fifth solo CD (he has released at least five others as part of various bands and produced a few others) Nashville/Americana stalwart Kimbrough […]

CD Review: Devo — Something for Everybody; Playing Chastain Park Amphitheatre, July 28

Devo Something for Everybody Warner Brothers By Al Kaufman “What we do/Is what we do/It’s all the same/There’s nothing new” sings Devo on their first album of new material in 20 years. And they are correct. Something for Everybody sounds like it’s been only 20 months since Freedom of Choice, Devo’s high watermark. And while […]

CD Review: Monte Montgomery — Monte Montgomery; Playing The Local May 22

Monte Montgomery Monte Montgomery Eminent Records By Al Kaufman Monte Montgomery is an extraordinary guitarist. Of that there can be no doubt. One need just listen to his tremendous instrumental cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing” to understand that. It is powerful enough to make a grown man weep. Montgomery is also adept and writing […]

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