What’s Up Monday?

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn Well kids, I survived my first tornado threat last night, unfortunately the storms seem to be heading straight to Atlanta! So if you are brave enough to venture out tonight, here are a couple of fun events for you to consider. –David Mead and his ever so catchy hooks joins Brooklyn […]

Harper Blynn Live at the Drunken Unicorn – June 6

Hailing from NYC, Harper Blynn are a folksy pop rock quartet, part Beatles part Wilco with twist of Simon & Garfunkel (at the very least one wicked Art Garfunkel ‘fro) and we’ve got a hunch they are about to be everywhere. With a recently released debut full-length Loneliest Generation, Harper Blynn are out doing what they do best (and better than […]

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