Interview with Bryan Bankovich of Little 5 Fest (September 29th)

By Jhoni Jackson There’s only one strictly local fest in Atlanta that dares to reach all points of the city’s vast spectrum of genres: Little 5 Fest, which goes down on Saturday, Sept. 29. The day-long event completely encompasses the eclectic neighborhood of Little Five Points, consuming venues like Aurora Coffee, the Clothing Warehouse, Tijuana […]

Interview with Phil Jones of Dog Bite; Playing the EARL, tonight, June 21

By Jhoni Jackson Dropping out of art school and moving back home could do well to clog an 18-year-old’s creative flow. But when Phil Jones left the SCAD’s Savannah campus four years ago, he stumbled upon a new medium for materializing his ideas: music. “I was bored because all my friends were still in Savannah,” […]

Catching up with Knaves Grave; Playing the EARL Friday, June 8th

By Jhoni Jackson It’s always a struggle for a fledgling band to find sure footing, much less overcome multiple member changes and a year-long hiatus. But Atlanta’s Knaves Grave seems to have defeated the odds, even managing to snag a slew of covetable spots opening for seasoned bands. Without having released a thing save for […]

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