The Gartrells Are Ready to Make Some Noise! Atlanta Music Guide Speaks with Members For A Quick One-On-Four Interview.

    Atlanta’s The Gartrells features members Jared Swilley (bass/vocals), Rod Hamdallah (guitar/vocals), John Kang (drums/vocals) and Jonah Swilley (lead guitar/vocals), each with an extensively impressive resume. Jared’s continued work with veteran band The Black Lips (lookout for their upcoming 9th record 2017!), Rod’s making noise with rockabilly/punk band Legendary Shack Shackers, John’s staying true to a DIY ethos with his company, I Defy Guitars, and Jonah keeps busy with his Atlanta-based recording studio InCrowd. He’s […]

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5GB With Paint Fumes; Playing The Earl Wednesday, July 11

By Jhoni Jackson If Troma Entertainment had wanted a band on retainer for its raunchier early ‘70s flicks, Paint Fumes would have easily been a go-to group. While they look a little glam at times—mostly because frontman Elijah Von Cramon often sports neck scarves, patterned blouses and other accoutrement excavated from the prettier aspects of […]

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