CD Review: Elbow — Build a Rocket Boys!

Elbow Build a Rocket Boys! Polydor By Eileen Tilson In the fourth land discovered in the famous Gulliver’s Travels, the Houyhnhnms (horses) are the rulers of the land, and are also the keepers of the savage Yahoos (humans). In their language “Houyhnhnms” means “the perfection of nature.” Houyhnhnms value reason beyond all else. They are […]

CD Review: Scissor Sisters — Night Work; Playing The Buckhead Theatre, August 21

Scissor Sisters Night Work Downtown Music/Polydor By Leila Regan-Porter New York City’s Scissor Sisters is one of those bands that is just hugely popular overseas. The group joins the formidable list that includes the likes of The Strokes, White Stripes, The Killers, Kelis and Kings of Leons – all American artists that blew up in […]

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