CD Review: Pop. 1280 — Imps of Perversion; Play 529 September 19th

Pop. 1280 Imps of Perversion Sacred Bones Records By Al Kaufman Beware those who listen to Pop. 1280. They make the type of music that makes moms everywhere think their kids are on drugs and sacrificing the neighbor’s cat. The Brooklyn noise-punk band, which derived its name from a Jim Thompson pulp fiction novel, gleefully […]

Live Review: Thurston Moore at The Goat Farm, February 8

Thurston Moore By David Courtright; photo by Michael Koenig (full gallery HERE) Thurston Moore may well be the Renaissanciest man in indie rock. Aside from being the songwriter and guitarist for what many consider to be the pivotal band in the evolution of indie rock music, Moore also moonlights as a director, National Geographic channel […]

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