What’s Up Thursday 11/13

Brace yourselves for the cold front coming in with an Atlanta concert! There’s lots going on tonight, so read below to decide which show you’ll attend. Von Grey at Eddie’s Attic Atlanta-based indie-alt-folk group von Grey has checked off more things on the proverbial band wish list in the past year than many bands do […]

What’s Up Thursday 7/24

You made it! You made it all the way to Thursday and you still (probably) have your sanity! Treat yourself and some friends by enjoying some sweet tunes at one of these exciting shows! Von Grey with special guest, Edward Hartline @ Eddie’s Attic Atlanta-based indie-alt-folk group von Grey has checked off more things on […]

Interview w/ von Grey; Playing @ Shaky Knees Festival 5/5!

With their soulful four-part harmonies, poetic lyrics and indelible melodies, it’s easy to see why the Atlanta Journal Constitution would hail von Grey as “nothing short of stunning.” They sound like they were born to play together – and, in fact, they were. The four sisters have been playing music nearly their entire lives. Classically […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

Well kids what can I say, I’m moving a little slow this morning! If you have any desire to go out tonight, here are some tips: -Head out to Criminal Records today for a FREE potluck and show by Atlanta’s own growing starlets, von Grey. –JARED & AMBER are a husband and wife, singer/songwriter team. […]

What’s Up Tuesday?

My goodness, do ever feel like you are just continually fighting an uphill battle? Thank goodness there is music to make all the world so much better. Do yourself a favor tonight and go catch one of these amazing shows tonight. –HULL is doom and dark, and everything that is wrong in the world, sounds […]

CD Review: von Grey- Von Grey; Playing Chastain Park Amphitheatre with Sarah McLachlan, August 5

von Grey von Grey Unsigned By Eileen Tilson Besides the fact that it is unsanitary and unprovable, millions of people have kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland, hoping that some of the famed Irish luck will rub off on them.  Even being near anything Irish, creates the sort of illusion that good things are coming. […]

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