Terminal West: Atlanta’s New Home For Music On The Westside

By Eileen Tilson

You might not be familiar with Robert Shaw and Alan Sher, but you will. For the past three years these two fellas have been putting on some of the coolest shows in the growing Westside Atlanta, and they have being doing them all on their own.

What people weren’t realizing is that Alan and I were doing everything. We were setting up the stage, lighting, sound, etc. All while having a day job,” says owner Robert Shaw. It was a 24 hour ordeal, and we realized we couldn’t go much further without some help.”

As the shows became more and more successful, Shaw and Sher realized that they had a niche. The result is their 7000 sq. ft. baby, Terminal West at the King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta’s soon to be home for music in West Atlanta.  Scheduled for an opening in the beginning of 2012, Terminal West is an upscale venue that will be featured for special events and music.  They have made the effort to keep the vintage-ness of the  100 year old space, making it patron friendly with a covered rooftop bar overlooking the railroad tracks.

“The difference between Terminal West and some of the other venues in Atlanta, is our attention to detail,” Sher notes. “We have spent the last three years going to venues around the country figuring out what exactly makes the ideal place for music. We have made sure we put all of our effort into the details of the space, to really make this an upscale event space.”

With all the different venues in Atlanta, what makes Terminal West so confident? It’s an Atlanta team effort. They have paired up with some of the best in the city to grow the venue.

“While some of the other venues are just now playing catch up with social media, we have been very active with engaging with our fans. We continue to ask our fans opinions and  put up pictures & video teasers; we want this to feel like the whole city is involved, says Shaw. That’s why we have brought in consultants like  Tim Sweetwood (Talent Buyer for the Masquerade) and Scott Orvold (Ga Theatre in Athens), who have already established a connection with the city and always have their finger on the pulse of the city. We have been really fortunate to work with Greg Mike and the ABV collective for our graphics, design, and branding needs.”

Welcome to Terminal West from Terminal West at King Plow on Vimeo.


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