The Hot Rods- Super Sport

The Hot Rods

Super Sport
Super Rock Records

by Al Kaufman

The Hot Rods are that type of band that, when they come to town, you best lock up your daughters and  alcohol. Since they’re local, it is my civic duty to tell the good people of Atlanta to keep tabs on your liquor and women folk. And if you have any vintage cars out front on blocks, they may steal those as well. Hot Rod music (rockabilly punk? country metal?) is fueled by diesel, beer, and testosterone. When these boys ain’t singing about girls, cars, or drinking, well, they ain’t singing. Song titles like "Girl Girl Action" and "Big V-8" are all you really need to know to understand that this is some loud, sweaty, high octane shit. You want more? How ’bout the fact the the lead guitarist goes by Vegas Dave, the bassist is just called Turbo, and they are fully endorsed by Pabst Blue Ribbon. They play the perfect white trash Donnie Osmond to local legend Truckadelic’s Marie. While Truckadelic was a little bit country, the Hot Rods are more than a little bit rock and roll.

The Hot Rods play with the Swinging Caesars (members of the Swinging Richards and Caesar Speaks) at Smith’s Olde Bar on Saturday, June 28. 8 pm. $10

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