The Pizza Underground Ft. Macaulay Culkin @ Mammal Gallery, 3/19

pizzaundergroundRecently, the Internet has been fixated upon the Pizza Underground, a New York City band that plays Velvet Underground covers with pizza-themed song titles and lyrics. An initial hook to this pie-based news was that Macaulay Culkin plays kazoo and vocals. Little is known about the band, except that, according to their Bandcamp page, they recorded a nine-song demo at Culkin’s house last month with song titles like “Papa John Says,” “I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice” and “All the Pizza Parties.”

Was it just some cheesy joke or something more? In this behind-the-scenes documentary, you can see that it seems like a very real thing. The video provides insight into their recording sessions and a live gig, where you’ll notice that used pizza boxes are also acting as a percussion tool – a necessary ingredient for anyone wanting to ensure their pizza-band is as authentic as possible.

– Rolling Stone

Whether you’re a fan of pizza or a fan of Home Alone, this show is going to be one for the books! Tickets are selling fast, so grab yours in advance!

Doors open at 9pm
Tickets are $10 in advance.

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