The Road to Counterpoint: Interview w/ The Floozies


The Floozies are brothers Matt and Mark Hill from Lawrence, Kansas. This guitarist/drummer/producer duo has made quite a name for themselves in bringing a fresh approach to electronic music with their “jamtronica” sound. The duo’s combination of cutting edge electronic production and party rocking funk has been energizing crowds and turning venues into epic dance parties across the country, and Counterpoint will be no different! One half of the Floozies, Matt Hill, caught up with AMG to talk festival season, working with his brother, and memorable Floozies’ sets.

How did the Floozies get started?

We started out playing house parties and then on the sidewalk in front of a Papa Keno’s before moving up to local venues. Then touring started not long after that and we just kept pushing and getting better.

Describe the energy of your sets for someone who has never seen you guys live.

We are a funk band so the set is high energy and positive. We like making people smile and dance.

What about festival season are you guys most excited for?

We’re just excited for festival season in itself. We’re playing a lot of festivals that are new to us like Counterpoint, High Sierra, Euphoria, and others that we’ve played before and really love like Wakarusa and Summer Camp.

Tell us about the craziest experience you’ve ever had at a festival.

A naked girl tried to knock over Mark’s drum set at Wakarusa.

What is it like working with your brother?

It’s awesome. We’re in a constant state of mind melt.

What’s the most memorable set you’ve ever played?

Don’t know if I could pick just one. We’re fortunate to have really great crowds at our shows. I’m really proud of the way we played at The Fox in Boulder last December, and doing two nights in Fayetteville and then two nights in Lawrence and selling out all of them felt incredible. The crowd at the Miramar in Milwaukee was one of the wildest we’ve had but they were also good spirited and taking care of each other, which was great. And then playing Easy as the sun came up at waka. Doubt I’ll ever forget that.

Tell us about the most memorable show you’ve ever seen?

A long time ago Mark got really sick and almost died. I told him while he was unconscious that if he woke up and survived then I would take him to see The Urge in Kansas City. He’s always been my best friend and that was the most terrifying experience of my life. So when he finally got better and came home I took him to The Urge show at The Beaumont and we had a blast. But what I’ll never forget about that show is just feeling so grateful that he was there.

All of the Floozies’ music can be downloaded for FREE on their website! And don’t miss their set at Counterpoint Music Festival April 25-27!


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