The Road to Counterpoint: The Revivalists Interview


Since forming in 2007, The Revivalists have earned their standing among the best original bands in New Orleans. The group’s combination of danceable rock and soulful songwriting (and brilliantivity) comes to life through a meticulously crafted and ever-evolving live performance. The band has been instrumental in the growth of New Orleans’ burgeoning indie rock scene, and they have achieved success and notoriety in the city’s competitive musical landscape. Zack Feinberg (Guitar), took a break from signing posters with the rest of the group to chat with AMG about the band, Counterpoint, and new music they can’t wait to share with us.

AMG: The first Counterpoint in 2012 being an all EDM festival, will most likely draw a similar crowd despite the dance music lineup being cut with more rock and live performers in 2014. How does the band plan on targeting to a less familiar crowd?

Zack: We’re just going to go out there and do what we do. Give the crowd a high energy, live band performance. Festival goers have been starting to hear about us by word of mouth, and we have a pretty solid fan base Atlanta and Athens.

AMG: For sure. I saw you guys at Hangout 2013 and your free show in Asheville. You guys play an unbelievable live show. What is your pitch to convince that same crowd to check out The Revivalists’ set over an electronic DJ set that will inevitably be going on at the same time?

Zack: Our elevator pitch is basically that we’re a one of a kind concert experience. We bring an energy you don’t see often at live set. It’s the real deal.

AMG: Have you guys found you prefer tours or the festival circuit more?

Zack: Over the summer we do mostly festivals, but there are club shows in there too. We haven’t announced them all yet, but we do like both. Festivals are fun being outdoors, and it’s such an exciting energy playing to a whole bunch of fans. You just can’t beat that. When we play clubs though it’s cool because the crowd is there specifically to see you, and we get to play a longer set. Magic can happen at both. One of my favorite sets from a festival was playing late night inside a lodge at Mountain Jam. Another fun one was Bonnaroo of course. You’ve got everyone packed inside a tent, and you can really feel the intensity from the crowd.

AMG: What’s the best memory you have from a festival so far?

Zack: Last summer (2013) was such a breakthrough in terms of getting to play festivals. There were so many incredible moments. You mentioned Hangout- that was definitely one of the top moments for me. We spent the whole weekend there with all our girlfriends at a house. We got to listen to amazing music on the beach, played an amazing set, and just enjoyed ourselves.

AMG: How did the decision come about to re-release City of Sound?

Zack: Well we signed a record deal with Wind Up last fall. They were really interested in the album and wanted to push the songs to radio. We didn’t want to re-release the same exact album to fans though so we put together a bonus disc of live music to include for free. We hope that gives fans a reason to be excited for it.

AMG: I think you guys definitely need to plan a stop in Atlanta in the near future. Think of us when planning your next tour?

Zack: I hope so, but I’m not completely sure. Right now our calendar is a big monstrosity of dates.

The Revivalists just recorded their next album this past January and are hoping to release it in the fall. In the meantime be sure to pick up a copy of their City of Sound re-release, and catch their set at Counterpoint, April 27! Get a feel for their amazing energy and live show by watching the video below of the band destroying their hit “Criminal” live in Key West.


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