Tool plays Atlanta Jan. 25: check out opening band, 3Teeth



An industrial/multi-media quartet from Los Angeles, 3TEETH, will be performing in support of Tool at the Infinity Energy Arena, Monday Jan. 25.

The guys, who got together in 2013, evoke the likes of early Nine Inch Nails, Godflesh and KMFDM.

3Teeth prides itself on mounting an intense a/v attack on their audience.

Combining scathing visual presentations with a blistering sonic display, one of the band’s live sets caught the attention of Tool guitarist Adam Jones, which set the ball in motion for them to open up next month’s arena tour.

Watch a new and unnerving music video of the track, “Slavegod,” taken from the band’s self-titled debut, below.

Released in the spring of 2014 via Artoffact Records, the album grabbed the #8 slot on iTunes’ Electronic Music Chart.


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