What’s Up Monday?

By Eileen Tilson

Well it’s a slow Monday, but after a weekend like we have had, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you feel like going out tonight, here are the best possible selections I can find.

-The first time I ever saw the Kopecky Family Band, they kept me up for hours laughing…and then they played. I was an instant fan of their backyard, indie rock, campfire music. Go see them at The Masquerade; they are signed to ATO, which means they will probably be blowing up in the next year or so.

-For all of you aspiring songwriters, did you know that Eddie’s Attic has broken some of the most amazing bands in the country? So doesn’t it make sense that you haul your little behind to the ever so famous, Songwriter’s Open Mic Night?

-Things that sound awesome together: Goth, Ball, Anti-Valentines Day!! Although it sounds too good to be true, The Basement is so graciously playing host to the “Love Will Tear Us Apart Anti-Valentine Goth Ball.” Um….yeah that sounds like my kind of fun.

-For you little rebels without causes, just go to The Ten High so you can live out your rockstar dreams with the Metalsome Monday boys.


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