What’s Up Monday?

I WANT MY MTV!!! Well, even with the return of Matt Pinfield’s famed “120 Minutes,” MTV still isn’t what it used to be, but we still wish a happiest 30th birthday to the network that made it cool to rock some spandex and hypercolor tees… While you are doing keg stands celebrating, here are some other cool events in the city to check out:

-The northwest wind is blowing straight into The EARL in East Atlanta Village, and bringing with it dreamy indie rocker, Avi Buffalo (RIYL Built to Spill, Shins). Opening act Nik Freitas plays emo-confessional music, not far removed from his days with Conor Oberst.

-For all of the less emo-acoustic, more skinny jeans, and screamo fans, the ever-so-rowdy Vans Warped Tour will be moshing all over Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood, where local bands like Death is a Dialogue and Family Force 5, will be pop-punking it out with the likes of Sum 41 and Blink 182 (still not really sure what the need is for all the numbers).

The Georgia Theatre is officially back in business! Opening its doors for the first time since the days of its horrible fire, Athen’s band The Glands will be wearing in the new stage. Tickets are sold out, but there is a great line up of artists kicking off the grand opening for the next two weeks.

-Don’t forget Eddie! Show off your singer-songwriting skills at the Open Mic Night in Decatur at Eddie’s Attic.

-Get your pleather out for the Goth Danse Party at the 529.


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