What’s Up Tuesday?

By Eileen Tilson/ @tktalt_tn

It is November, and 73 degrees. Ree-Dic-U-Los. Happy Tuesday everyone, let’s hope that the weather gods remember that it is technically the fall and not allowed to be tanning weather. Back to our regular scheduled program: Here are your events for Tuesday….be merry and procreate.

The Fling is an L.A. band triumphed on KROQ..but before you get all judgmental, they are actually pretty dope. The group draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, rock, pop and psychedelic music. Their sound has been described as “classic ’60s pop, ’90s alternative, and contemporary indie-rock clashing fluidly to create a strangely nostalgic effect.” Just go see them at The Earl.

Monster-Energy-Outbreak-Tour at the Masquerade. Really do I need to say anything else about this? Featuring Of Mice and Men,I Wrestled A Bear Once, I See Stars, Abandon All Ships, That’s Outrageous! I have no doubt that this crowd will probably not be old enough to drink, but will sell out regardless. Weird.

Starkid are stars in their own right, cause they are riding the new wave of music marketing. To date, StarKid has garnered over 97 million views and 185,000 subscribers on YouTube, 160,000 Facebook fans, and 74,000 Twitter followers worldwide, and captured the attention of national media such as Entertainment Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter, “Access Hollywood,” “Entertainment Tonight,” NPR, and MTV. Pay Attention and learn at Center Stage.

-Yes he is a hitchhiker, yes he likes whiskey, yes he might seem semi-prententious by living up to this pseduo-lifestyle, but he is good. Undeniably worth listening to. And with a name like Pokey Lafarge, why would you purposely try to not see this live. Go to Smith’s Olde Bar tonight and be baptized.


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