What’s Up Tuesday?

By Eileen Tilson

Happy Valentines Day you little music lovers! Regardless of whether you are a single or a double, at least this day gives you a great reason to eat candy without a fuss. Although most people might be having some swanky dinner at an overpriced restaurants, the rest of you renegades should go catch a live show…Here are my suggestions.

-I was just saying that I pretty much like everything that Nashville based label, Thirty Tigers, puts out. Thus when I heard that they decided to release the new album by Adam Arcuragi, I got a little excited. A natural Georgia boy, The Washington Post said of the bands live dates “If you want to see Troubadouring done right, its your duty to catch Arcuragi.” Go see them live tonight at The Earl.

-Nashville’s, Drew and Ellie Holcomb, are the husband and wife rock team who are members of the band, Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors. Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors are touring in support of their newest release, Chasing Someday. Check them out at the famous Eddie’s Attic.

-Here is your only warning: THE ROYAL BATHS ARE PLAYING A FREE SHOW AT THE 529!!! Ok, I’ll stop shouting. This band is awesome, and this year will be enormous for them. Go see them for free before you start lining up to see them.

-If you were an Atlanta musician during the 90’s and early 2000’s then you must have been influenced by bluesman Sean Costello. He has literally inspired musicians all across our state. Tonight at the DBA Barbecue, they are hosting a “Dine out for the Sean Costello Memorial Fund for Bipolar Research.” This is a special cause, go be part of something great.

-Nothing says love like The Masquerade!! If you are just super hating all the squirmy couples out playing mushy face right now, then go check out teen screamo band, That’s Outrageous!, who will definitely be the most anti-valentine’s day event that you could be a part of.


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