What’s Up Tuesday?

Well you know it’s officially summer time cause all of these outdoor festivals are rocking!

-The King of the summer concert, Dave Matthews, is back in Atlanta tonight with his group of boys playing for the Trustafarians at Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood.

-The Wandering gathers five traditionally-minded artists from Memphis and North Mississippi and features the string work of Luther Dickinson (North Mississippi Allstars, Black Crowes) and a quartet of distinctive female voices—Shannon McNally, Amy LaVere, Valerie June, and Sharde Thomas, erstwhile leader of the Rising Star Fife and Drum band. See them tonight at Eddie’s Attic.

– If you’re a fan of New York disco, as accessible as it is angular, all burbling bass lines, resonant rhythms, shimmering synths and heavenly melodies, then you’ll love the new Penguin Prison album.. He is playing tonight at The Earl.

-The New York based trio of Eric Copeland, Bjorn Copeland, and Aaron Warren ,aka, Black Dice, have released scores of albums, EPs, and singles on iconic labels (Gravity, 31g,Troubleman, DFA, Paw Tracks), that document their musical travels, from raw brutal thrash to inside-out pop anthems from way out. See them at the 529 this evening.

Father John Misty, aka Joshua Tilman  formerly of the Fleet Foxes, is known for his quirky live shows, and will be living up to his potential tonight at the Masquerade.


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