What’s Up Tuesday?

Good morning, chickadees…..I woke up on this dreary morning to a teaser video of the new Muse album, and a strong desire for a lot of coffee…it’s just gonna be one of those days clearly. So I  heard this Willie Nelson of Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe” song the other day, and it is amazing…definitely should warm your spirits a wee bit. There is not a whole lot going on in our little city tonight, but if you are feeling especially frisky, here are some little bits and bobs I found.

-The Miller Site Series continues at Smith’s Olde Bar tonight with electronica princess, Stephanie Wolfe.

-At the Masquerade tonight, be sure to catch Uncle Lucius, Midnight Revival, who will definitely be rocking the crowd.

-If you feel like jamming to a little country music, you can head over to Dixie Tavern where Clay Coley will be playing.

-The 529 is hosting a free show tonight with Burmese Crush, Giving Up, Life Partner.


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