What’s Up Tuesday?

I definitely believe that the body can sense when something big must be happening because I was wide awake at 5AM this morning, and thought, “Well, you might as well just get up!” So much to my dismay, the sun is still coming up and I am starting to work. I believe a nap is probably in order later this afternoon…Fortunately there are a ton of great shows tonight that perhaps you will find the energy to want to attend.

-They were wearing makeup before it was even considered cool and sexy for boys to wear makeup. Legendary rockers, KISS are at Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood tonight, joined by the sexiest hair band ever (yes, those words did just come out of my mouth) Motley Crue. 

-If you are in the mood for some laid back vintage, then might I suggest trying Chicago, who will be grooving it up at Chastain Amphitheater tonight. They are joined by the Doobie Brothers.

-I am not that big of a fan of shoe gazer music, but Brooklyn trio, A Place to Bury Strangers, do a decent job of convincing the most non-hipsters of us all of their talent. They are at the Drunken Unicorn with Hunters and AkuYou.

-Nashville songstress, Sherrie Austin has had cuts by dozens of other artists in the last few years, including Tim McGraw’s “ShotGun Rider” from the CD “LET IT GO”, Blake Shelton’s “Good At Startin’ Fires” from the CD “STARTIN’ FIRES”, and even the King himself, George Strait who cut “Where’ve Have I Been All My Life” for his CD “TWANG” Most recently, Sherrie’s songwriting prowess was responsible for the hilarious duet by Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton called “If I Was A Woman” on Trace Adkins 2011 release “Proud To Be Here.” She is joined by Atlanta’s Wesley Cook at Eddie’s Attic.

Dent May writes and records homemade pop music in Mississippi, where he was born in 1985.Recent singles on Forest Family and Paw Tracks have found Dent abandoning the ukulele in favor of cosmic synths, funky guitars, analog drum machines, loopy bass lines, and massive vocal harmonies. A hipster’s dream. See him at The Earl.

-Over at our pals, Smith’s Olde Bar, be sure to check out Justin Jones, Chad Wesley Band, The Dillionaires, The HHMC Project.

-Head over to the West Side for a little electronica, where Big Freedia will be hanging at Terminal West.


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