What’s Up Tuesday 7/22


Good morning and good Tuesday to you, Atlanta! It’s a perfect day for show-going and there looks to be some good ones just waiting for you to attend. Check ’em out and let us know about all the fun you have!

Beck @ The Fox Theatre

Beck Hansen has made his return with his first full-length album in 5 years, Morning Phase. It is the twelfth studio album and was released in February 2014 through his new label, Capitol Records. Morning Phase is a sequel to Sea Change, the brooding 2002 record frequently mentioned as his masterpiece. Beck received the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album twice and holds the record with Björk for the most nominations for a solo artist, each having six nominations.


Tickets start at $53.70. Doors open at 7pm.




King Buzzo (of Melvins) @ The Basement at Graveyard Tavern

Dang! It’s been damn near 20 years since these Melvins started and they still have yet to find the common decency to die or break up. The core-band of King Buzzo and Dale remains intact and they’ve had the same bass player since 1998! Hailing from the Minneapolis Cows is pioneering slide bass pervert Kevin “Rutmanis”. The Melvins proclaim this lineup the definitive whatever you want to call it of whatever it is they think they do. Nothing should be denied them forever more.

Tickets are $15 day of show. Doors open at 8:30 pm. Online and phone sales close at 4pm.




Parker Millsap with special guest, John Moreland @ Eddie’s Attic

An Oklahoma native brought up in the Pentecostal church, which he’s since departed, 20-year-old Parker Millsap will make you a true believer with his self-titled Okrahoma Records/ Thirty Tigers debut album. Accompanied by his collaborators, high school buddy Michael Rose on bass and fiddle-player Daniel Foulks, the young tunesmith delivers his religious-laced parables, character-driven narratives and relationship tales with the fire-and-brimstone fervor of a preacher, restoring our faith in the power of song.

Tickets are $9 in advance, $13 at the door. Table seats are $11.25 and must be purchased in multiples of 4. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Online and phone sales close at 5pm.




Suno Deko w/ Tantrum @ The EARL

Suno Deko is the solo experimental-pop project of Atlanta poet and musician David Courtright. Derived from the Hindi words for listen (suno) and look (deko), the project was conceived in late 2009 while David was living in New Delhi, India, working as an archivist and studio assistant for a lauded Indian figurative painter. Mistaking the words for terms of endearment, he found the words returning to him as they began to represent the wider themes of detachment and alienation that are often endemic to living in a new place alone, but doubly served as reminders to be present, open, and attentive.


Tickets are $7. Doors open at 8:30 pm. Online and phone sales close at 6pm.





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