Sean McConnell

What’s Up Wednesday 1/7

Get over the hump of this first full week of the year by checking out a show in ATL tonight!

Sean McConnell

Sean McConnell w/ special guest Scotty Cram @ Eddie’s Attic

Growing up in the coffee houses of the Boston folk scene, Sean watched his parents playing songs written by Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, David Wilcox, Shawn Colvin, Harry Chapin, CSNY, James Taylor and others of the like. Unknown to himself or his parents, Sean was soaking it all in and locking it away somewhere inside. Now, an artist in his own right, Sean travels the states performing his own style of music that he describes as “Lyric Driven Roots Rock with Soul.” A live Sean McConnell show is truly a dynamic experience. One moment reckless rock, and the next an intimate acoustic pin drop moment.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Doors open at 6:30pm.




Xerome, Twins, Drippy Inputs, Stefan Ringer @ 529

Xerome is the new project of Lazy Magnet mastermind Jeremy Harris. Live electronics/dark clubbed out dance music. Zoned out/tripped out techno grooves! Twins is the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner. Having spent the better part of a decade reveling in a mutant murk that intersects seductive synth-pop with Featureless Ghost and grotesque industrial-dance grooves in his own right as TWINS on LPs issued by Ruralfaune and Clan Destine, Weiner has more than proved his sincerely sinister and auspiciously artful finesse of synth-based music.

Donations accepted. Doors open at 10pm.


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