What’s Up Wednesday?

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It is beginning to feel a bit like Spring, which  even after our mild winter I am very much looking forward to! It’s a slow night in Atlanta, but there are still some cool shows happening,

-He is insanely quirky, but worthwhile! NYC singer/songwriter& comic book artist, Jeffrey Davis, is taking his act to the stage at The Earl, check it out, it will be awesome.

-Now local lovelies, The Lovely Drifters bring their classically trained tunes for an intimate show at Eddie’s Attic.

-The project of Deerhunter guitarist/vocalist Lockett Pundt, Lotus Plaza recalls some of his other band’s shoegaze-tinged hazy experimentalism and bursts of lucid guitar pop, but takes those sounds in directions influenced by ’50s and ’60s pop and ’80s post-punk. See them tonight at the 529.

-Or you could always head over to the Masquerade to catch Lights and Ambassadors.


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